Why General Motors went bust

My car is made by Vauxhall, a GM owned company. And it speaks to me.

When my lights are on, when my handbrake is up, when the car needs a service, when I forget to put my seatbelt on, I get told in no uncertain terms – PING – to rectify the situation.

All these PINGs are a little annoying, but they serve a purpose. However, the most important PING of all – to tell me I need fuel – doesn’t exist.

Sure, the car displays a little amber light on the dashboard to warn me of an impending breakdown on the side of the motorway. But I spend most of my drive to and from work looking at the road, not my instruments.

General Motors is currently in debt to the sum of $173bn. And it wouldn’t have happened if they’d just thought about their customers’ needs and installed a PING on Vauxhall fuel gauges.

Rant over.

  • http://frankdesales.com Duncan

    And remember when we used to make fun of people who drove Vauxhalls? Now I have a Blackberry and drive a Citroen. I suck nowadays

  • Adams

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  • http://www.mymarketingcompany.com/wordpress/ Roy Hunter

    GM didn’t go bankrupt, it was just an excuse for my government to buy it, and put more people out of work in order to stimulate our economy buy giving all the unemployed free money.

    What is so hard to understand about that?

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  • http://www.thinkdave.co.uk Dave Wilkinson

    Old age…