What would you do?

Take a look at your website, your social media profiles, everything you do online.

What frustrates you most? Given an extra 2 hours a week to generate more sales leads online, what would you do? To make it more interesting, pretend you have no budget for this.

Nothing for sale here, I’m just curious. Answers in the comments please.

  • http://trafficandtrust.com/ Nick “Not the Peanut Butter Cup” Reese

    I would spend more time on outreach / promotion with PR outlets. That is my highest ROI currently.

  • http://designpx.net/ Jason

    Post discount codes in related forums. Hand out business cards to local brick and mortars. Team up with someone else in your field and create some sort of “un-passable” offer…

    Hell, I’m struggling with the same question…curious to see what folks come up with.

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  • http://www.proofbranding.com Matt Cheuvront

    Spend more time reading and writing. One of the greatest lead-gen sources for me personally, and with my business, has been in reading other blogs, commenting, engaging in discussion, and of course writing for my own sites and focusing on ‘content marketing’.

    Reading and writing, something I used to have an abundance of time for, is not at a premium. There’s never enough hours in the day, are there?

  • http://www.zacharyadamcohen.com Zachary Cohen

    i would hire a hooker to free my creative spirit and allow my true salesman essence to emerge

  • Dave

    @zachary what’s stopping you?