Website repair or website redesign – it’s time to decide

At any given moment I have a pretty long list of website repairs needed on my own site. There’s always something to do, and I’m lucky (a) because my site is built on WordPress, which is a very easy to manage website platform, (b) because I know how to make changes to my website myself and (c) because I don’t charge myself to work on my site.

Of course you’re probably not as lucky and there will come a time when you need to stop spending money on website repairs and invest in a brand spanking new website. Now you may think this sounds odd coming from someone who repairs websites for a living, but it’s really just good business sense.

So when should you opt not to repair a website and hire someone to redesign it instead?

1. When your business goals have changed

If you find that your website isn’t in tune with your business, either because your branding has had an overhaul, your market has changed or your business objectives have shifted, it’s probably time to redesign your site and bring it back in line with your business.

2. When your website repair quote is higher than the cost of a new site

If your website manager rubs his hands with glee every time you phone him and he comes to visit you in his new Porsche it’s probably time to re-invest your web site repair budget in a new site design. Adding/editing content on a small business website shouldn’t be a full-time job for anyone, and if you’ve spent the money hiring someone who knows what they’re doing, your search engine optimization should be pretty much taken care of from day 1.

3. When nothing you try seems to be working

If you’ve spent money on countless content changes and search engine optimization, or your site runs every bit of Web technology known to man and you’re still nowhere to be found on Google, there’s either something fundamentally wrong with your website or something seriously wrong with your marketing plan. Take action and spend a bit of money to change the way you market your business online.

4. When your website looks like it was designed in 1997

If you want to chase people away from your website, make sure it looks (and works) like it was designed before the turn of the century. In the grand scheme of things a website is a cheap marketing tool. Invest your website repair budget in a redesign every couple of years and you’ll probably increase the number of visitors, sales leads and customers your website attracts.

What should you do next?

If you have doubts about whether to re-design or repair your website, send me an email or contact me on Skype with the details of your site address and what you want to achieve online. If you can give me some information about what you’re currently achieving that will help too. I’ll take a quick look and give you my opinion based purely on the facts. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Kim Woodbridge

    Dave – I almost didn’t finish reading this article because I was laughing so hard at point c – “I don’t charge myself to work on my website”. Too funny.

    I hope your honesty is refreshing to potential customers. I’ve had people who wanted me to do an upgrade for them and I’ve told them they didn’t need to because of whatever reason (another upgrade in a couple of days, major upgrade in a month, etc.) and they always appreciate the honesty. Then when they need some other work done they come back to me.

  • Dave

    The way bad publicity spreads online there’s no point not being honest with people.

    And as you say, you may not get a customer today, but they’ll remember your honesty when they next need something. You probably won’t need to work as hard to convince them to buy from you either.