Twitter isn’t dying. It’s teething

It seems like a daily occurance. I open my feed reader and BAM! someone has written a blog post prediciting Twitter’s demise. I have 2 thoughts on this:

  1. Too many people fail to see Twitter’s potential as the greatest human edited real-time search engine ever.
  2. I need to find some new bloggers to follow.

My opinion on Twitter

Here’s my take on Twitter (or Facebook, or whatever the social media darling of the week happens to be):

  1. Social media is constantly evolving.
  2. Twitter will probably be beaten by a better idea someday.
  3. We’ll all survive.

Look back at the history of modern communications and you’ll see a pattern emerging:

  • The fax machine killed off the telex machine.
  • Email kicked the fax machine in the gut.
  • Blogs, Flickr, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are making email seem less important (socially).
  • Soon something new will come along and we may all abandon Twitter like a rain-soaked cricket match that’s heading for a draw (if you don’t watch cricket, you should).

Twitter is a great communications tool. I say you should invest everything you have into building a powerful network of Twitter customers, suppliers and friends. Don’t worry about it disappearing, because if/when it does you and your network of followers will probably already have moved on.

Twitter isn’t dying. It’s teething. Now stop putting ‘the end is nigh’ posts in my feed reader!

  • Kim Woodbridge

    The best is when those articles phrase it as “is blah the next blah killer”. I can’t stand the use of killer in that context.

    I like to play point and click adventure games – since their heyday in the 90′s there has been non-stop discussion and articles about their demise. Well, they are still around – maybe more popular in some parts of Europe than the US but they aren’t dead yet. I get so tired of the conversation.
    .-= Kim Woodbridge´s last blog ..How to Style the Read More Link in WordPress =-.

  • Dave

    Thanks Kim.

    It’s the new rule of social media: “If you’ve got nothing to write about, predict Twitter’s death”.

    Another one seems to be “If you’ve got nothing interesting to say on Twitter, start each tweet with ‘WOW!’.

  • Carla

    …and every though the fax machine is “dead”, its still being used many people and and companies – even in 2009. Every time my bank, insurance company, etc needs a signed document from me, they want me to FAX it. Not email, FAX.

    Just like postal service, telephone and fax machine, I dont think social medial will ever totally die out.
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..Things you dont need to buy – reducing waste =-.

  • David Lewis

    Ha! Oddly enough… I “don’t get” Cricket either :)

  • Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment

    Cricket? Nobody understands cricket. You have to know what a crumpet is to understand cricket! (Kudos to you if you understand that reference)

    Carla makes a good point. As the newer technologies evolve and the “newness” runs out, the technology loses it’s popularity and falls into place in more of a relevant fashion. Meaning people use the fax machine for a reason now instead of how they used it back in the day, just because it was new and cool.

    The telephone, email, and instant messaging are still around, even though they have dwindled in popularity since then, but they each serve a purpose so people still use them. I suspect that micro-blogging, in the fashion that Twitter and Facebook have pioneered will be around in some form or another for the foreseeable future.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..New Category: Blogging World =-.