The Elbonian guide to PSD slicing

If you’re considering breaking into the PSD slicing market, I highly recommend you don’t offer the world’s best and WordPress Development services (this is the mistake I made). Instead, learn to code like an Elbonian.

How to code like an Elbonian

  • Don’t work to W3C standards. They only exist to make corporate types believe the Web is an organized, regulated place.
  • Don’t ever use logical naming conventions, because #greentextblock is a much better name for a DIV than #sidebar.
  • You don’t need to know what Semantic HTML is. Forget about it.
  • If you consider yourself a maverick Elbonian and you do decide to venture into the wonderful world of styling for Internet Explorer, please make sure you throw all your hacks into the main CSS file instead of using IE-specific stylesheets. We non-Elbonians like cleaning up code every time a new version of IE is released.
  • Even though most websites use some form of CMS these days, there’s really no need to bear that in mind when styling content. Sure, the website’s user knows nothing about web design, but he’ll eventually figure out how to give that ordered list its assigned ID of #indentednumberedlist you so cleverly added.

By sticking to these rules you’ll be able to code an entire Photoshop design in under 30 minutes. This means you can drop your price to virtually nothing and sign up every second-rate web design agency in the Western world before lunch time. Hooray!

  • Dave

    Looking back, I may have been in a bad mood when I wrote this post :)