Local search marketing continued

Following on from yesterday’s Local search engine marketing article, I thought you might be interested in reading a bit more on the topic, so I’ve compiled a couple of links for you:

Matt McGee’s Hyperlocal Blogging blog. Matt has put together a very detailed series of posts about hyperlocal blogging and his personal experiences. I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am that he’s managed to launch an entire blog about this fascinating topic.

Matt also points out these blog posts that have cropped up lately:

John Batelle’s case study on the Open Forum blog about the perils of not getting to grips with local search engine marketing. This makes for a really good read and applies to your business, whatever business you’re in.

If you feel like getting a little more involved in the nuts and bolts behind local search marketing, Dev Basu’s article about building landing pages that are optimized for local search is a good place to start.

I suspect that this topic is going to become more and more important in the coming months. So get reading before you miss out.

  • http://devbasu.com Dev Basu

    Thanks for the mention! Read up on Matt McGee, David Mihm, Andrew Shotland, Mike Blumenthal, Mariam Ellis and myself for even more local seo resources. — Dev

  • Dave

    You’re welcome Dev. I’m on my way to bookmark all of you right now.

  • Matt McGee

    Dev took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks, Dave.