Err, so what’s been going on?

If you’re anything like me, you have clients. Demanding clients with deadlines which are often more important than blog posts. So you skip a post or 2, and before you know it you haven’t blogged for 6 months. Sound familiar? Good, then you’ll accept my apology and we can move on.

Here’s what’s been happening

Since I last blogged I’ve:

I launched 36.5 WordPress sites for new and existing clients (Hi clients! Love you!)

mmm, Coda. Sorry PC users, no nice code editors for you.

The .5 is because site number 37 is launching today but I’m still waiting for my VERY SLOW BROADBAND CONNECTION to finish uploading.

Started learning ExpressionEngine and Perch

See WordPress, it really isn't difficult...

After realising that WordPress really doesn’t do Custom Fields very well, I’ve taken the plunge and am actively learning ExpressionEngine and Perch. These are the CMS-es (CMS’, CMS’s, CMSs?) of the future people! Either way, I’m learning a bunch of new stuff so I can offer all my lovely customers a better user experience.


My shiny new support system - now in BETA

I’m always trying to make small improvements in my business, mostly so I can offer customers a better service but ultimately to free up 1 day a week to go fishing. For instance, today I built a client section on my website to accept support tickets during development and for my retainer clients.

Oh, and last week I helped an old lady cross the street. She didn’t buy a website but I’m holding thumbs.

Started Devsquared

Devsquared - complete with 'Hot Purple' branding

Along with Kelly Teagle I started a new business called Devsquared offering custom built content management solutions for small and medium business folk. My role at Devsquared is in marketing, project management and occasional front-end coding if I have the time. Don’t panic though, this is a side project. It’s business as usual over here at

Freelance Five

Freelance Five. Inspiring freelancer interviews – five questions at a time

Speaking of start-ups, Mark Bowley and I built Freelance Five, a cool blog where we interview freelancers. It’s built on Thesis, using a modified version of my Osmotic skin.

Project X

I’ve also tentatively started building a new product/service thing for website owners who need help with marketing. It’s all in my head at the moment but I’m confident millions of people will buy it…

With all that going on, I haven’t had a moment to write (by the way, I also use this excuse for not writing to my grandmother).

So, what have you been up to lately?

Let me know in the comments (unless you’re that guy from the IMF. We ALL KNOW what you’ve been up to.)

  • Zachary Adam Cohen


    Awesome work of late. And good luck on all these new ventures. Interesting thing about that old lady for sure.

    Would love to hear about what these new CMS’s are really capable of doing and why they may be the CMS of the future.

    I would love to see a blog roundup of web design and development, er, developments from your perspective.

    Also, please learn tumblr dev. It’s really important and I promise you we can make it a big profit centrer for the rest of 2011/12


  • ariff

    I love the look of that theme on Freelance Five. It has been months since I’ve been looking for a new good looking perfect theme. Would you release it for sale?

  • David Y

    Always glad to see others in design and development widen there skills and challenging themselves.

    Your Project x sounds a bit similar to something floating around in my head as well..wish you all the best in that area.

    Keep up the good work and I love the simplicity of the site..