The playground fight

My wife doesn’t understand boys fighting in the school playground (girls didn’t do that in her day so she has no point of reference). Obviously neither of us want our boys to get into fights. It’s pointless and costs a lot in dental bills.

But when my dumb, hormonal teenager gets pinned in a corner by another dumb, hormonal teenager and we aren’t there to defend him, it’s up to him to protect himself or get hurt. Either way we have to support his decision.

A guide to playground fights

Based on my vast experience of getting beaten to a pulp all through high school, here’s my quick guide to playground fights:

  1. Never start a fight.
  2. If you are forced into a fight, try talking your way out of it. You can learn a lot about conflict resolution from playground fights.
  3. If he throws the first punch, do whatever it takes to protect yourself and end the fight quickly. Sometimes this means throwing a punch and sometimes it means walking away. As you get older, making this decision becomes easier.
  4. Never look to your friends for support. They won’t have your back because they’ll be filming the fight to put on Youtube.
  5. Know that if you get hit, it’s going to hurt like hell. Remember that pain the next time you’re about to get into a fight and use it to find a way out.
  6. A day after the fight, shake hands and say you’re sorry. It doesn’t always work, but when it does life gets a little bit easier.

Barbershop pricing strategy

My barber charges £9 for a haircut, because most people around here won’t pay more than that.

But they do. Most people pay with a £10 note and give him the £1 change as a tip. So that £9 haircut makes an additional 11% profit, and everyone is happy. That’s a clever pricing strategy.

Now if only people would tip for websites…

Dear retailers

Every so often a celebrity dies. For family, fans and colleagues this is a sad time, so please don’t use it to promote your stuff on social media.
If you feel the need to put something on a social media channel:

  • Remember that your corporation is not a person and doesn’t have feelings, so it probably isn’t mourning the loss of a talented human being.
  • Be respectful.
  • Don’t try to sell anyone anything.

Let’s reformat a PC

So this morning my PC decided to keel over and die. Since I’d been having dropped frames during GTA 5 racing sessions I figured this was a good time to reformat. 

Here are the highlights:

  1. Kidding, there are no highlights. Reformatting sucks.